Success Stories

Our client results range from attaining scholarships, signing professional contracts, stepping into elite leadership roles in business, delivering personal bests in the Olympics and becoming professional World Champions.

There’s so much more to the story of how mindset development and competitive performance training tools enrich our clients' lives. Some of the common feedback we receive from current and past clients are: higher quality relationships, more fulfillment, greater leadership impact and contribution, scholastic achievements and advancements in professional careers and a greater sense of meaning in life. The ripple effect lights us up, as we believe confident leaders will make the world a greater place.

Here are a few our our clients' success stories.

Inspired Leaders
Peak Performance

“Marilyn captivated and inspired leaders representing 18 countries of athletic coaches, government officials, physicians, psychiatrists and executives. Her expertise moved us to greater levels of understanding regarding mental aspects of peak performance in athletics and leadership. Our 450 leaders absorbed her information and her passion, we asked her to stay longer, to give us more and more.”

Bill Gonzales, President, Columbia Sports Association, Bogotá, Columbia

Body Connection
Measurable Improvement

“Renee and Marilyn were able to tap into each person’s exact riding goals and barriers so precisely. WinQuest’s hands-on approach in teaching all levels of riders how to feel and how to get into the zone is literally visible to us watching and was tangible to those experiencing the changes within their body. This is a very different approach. We have many riders who have improved 80% in pleasure riding and competitive showing. We have a competitive rider who, after a fall, couldn’t get through a lesson due to mental/emotional trauma, worked with Renee and is now riding 80% better, more confident and trusting in herself. As a Trainer and a competitive rider I use their principles on a daily basis and listen to the audio products religiously, noticing very positive changes in my riding and in myself personally. This is a worthwhile product and program that I encourage riders and trainers of all levels to utilize.”

Grant Schneidman, Grand Prix, Dressage Trainer

Mindset Experts
Record Wins

“Integrating WinQuest as our mental trainers is one of our best decisions. It’s the missing link for our competitive edge. Our hunter/jumper clients’ improved 45% to 90% at our biggest shows; we won a record number of ribbons nationally. As Trainers we had the most stress free 6 weeks at a show ever. We’ve learned key communication techniques that closed the gaps and made our teaching more effective. Clients have quickly broken through old habits we’ve been working on for years. We recognize the enormity of mental game training; as every rider knows once that gate closes – it’s all you. Our clients continue to thank us for having WinQuest as the mindset experts for our competitive riders.”

Paul Rohrbach Owner, Wells Bridge Farm