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We work with all levels of athletes, in all sports. We work the inner game and the body to create consistent performance under pressure.

WinQuest Performance has provided mental toughness, leadership and competitive performance training services for athletes, business leaders and performers since 1998. Their athletic and performing arts clients include professional world champions, professional athletes, celebrity entertainers and Olympians.

Our Programs:

I won the first time playing the Champions Tour.

On the PGA Tour, elbow surgery caused me to lose my swing and my confidence. I worked with swing coaches and mental coaches with no solutions. Then I found Marilyn... Marilyn and I set the ultimate challenge; my quest was a big comeback.

Mark Wiebe
PGA Tour Professional

Level 1: Confidence To Win

This program is for you if you are:

  • Copy of Unable to conquer doubt, fear, anxiety
  • Stuck, frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed and unclear what to do differently
  • Procrastinating, inefficient and avoid taking necessary action
  • Tired of the disappointments of underperforming and inconsistency, thinking this time it will be different
  • Lack confidence and are trying to get it from outside yourself
  • Lack consistent internal motivation and drive

You will learn strategies to:

  • Have confidence on command and internalize a confidence to win mindset
  • Measurably reduce procrastination, avoidance and inefficiency
  • Crush your comfort zones and do what you thought you couldn’t do before
  • Overcome the effects of a critical voice when you make mistakes and expectations are not met
  • Become a confident leader on and off the field

Confidence is the secret sauce when it comes to winning performance.

We have a unique proven Confidence to Win program that teaches you to have confidence on command, we build the habit of confidence and what we call owning confidence. When you own confidence – no person, external environment, inner head chatter can take it from you – you own it. Come, explore the competition ready program to OWN confidence.

Level 2: Stop Giving Your Power Away

This program is for you if you:

  • Have a not good enough, not enough mindset and don’t know how to feel good about yourself
  • Are playing small and not knowing how to shatter the inner ceiling
  • Worry too much of what others think and say about you affecting you
  • Compare yourself to others, thinking others are better
  • Are losing yourself to one person or certain people

You will learn strategies to:

  • Identify and radically transform limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that are preventing you from becoming the greater you
  • Achieve extraordinary new heights by breaking through the inner ceiling
  • Amplify your authenticity, have presence and stand out from the crowd
  • Reclaim your power, energy and vibrancy
  • Develop a worthy and deserving to win mindset, so that you can have more fulfillment, joy and passion while soaring to your higher potential

Level 3: Competition Ready

Consistently execute winning performance under pressure.

This program is for you if you:

  • Are confident in practice but don’t have a reliable system for transferring confidence into your competitive performance… and need one!
  • Have one specific habit that, when you break through it, will be a game changer
  • Are unaware of the mental mistakes you make in practice, before and during competition
  • Over-think, over-try, over-train or over-control
  • Have past negative performance memories stored in your subconscious

You will learn strategies to:

  • Own confidence so that no person, place or situation can take it away from you
  • Reset almost immediately after mistakes, setbacks and loss
  • Master focus, enter the zone faster and stay there longer
  • Unwire disempowering emotions and wire peak performing emotions
  • Prevent reverting back to old, under-performance habits
  • Be unbreakable in competitive pressure, uncertainty and adversity

Level 4: Accessing Greater Mind Power

    We completely customize this step for each client. Book a call to request more information.

    You will learn strategies to:

    • Activate your brain’s hidden potential

    Level 5: Specialized Breakthrough Programs

    These programs are tailor-made to help you break through:

    1. The Yips
    2. Slumps, Losing Streaks, Performance Plateaus
    3. Trauma and Past Memories
    4. Returning to Competition or Activity After Injury

    Sports-specific training programs.

    We work with all levels of athletes, in all sports, but we have a few sports-specific programs catering directly to the specific needs athletes in those sports have.


    Before you win, you must win in your mind first! WinQuest reveals some mental strategies top golfers use to excel on the golf course and win tournaments! Click here to read more. Click here


    Before you win, you must win in your mind first! WinQuest reveals some mental strategies top golfers use to excel on the golf course and win tournaments! Click here to read more. Click here

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