Golf Training Program
Mental Performance Training for Golfers

What’s holding you back from reaching your potential in golf?

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  • Self doubt in pulling off a shot?
  • Second guessing which club to hit?
  • Losing focus on the golf course?
  • Fear of mistakes, low confidence in hitting the golf shot?
  • Past failures, holes that have your number?

If this sounds like you, then Mental Performance Training is a must for you!

In our Mental Performance Training program, WinQuest reveals some mental strategies top golfers use to excel on the golf course and win tournaments! Conquer your most difficult opponent, your MIND!

We’re currently offering a FREE Introductory Mental Game Seminar where you will come to better understand the golfer within, what prevents transferring your lessons to the course and the 2 things the best players do to win tournaments.

  • Pelican Lakes Country Club
    Banquet Room
  • WHEN
  • July 10, 2018
    6:00 – 7:30p.m.

Registration is required as seating is limited, but you can register below in 5 minutes or less!

Before you win, you must win in your mind first!

Play in the zone

Trust and believe in yourself and ability

Focus and re-focus despite distractions

Reset quickly after mistakes

Convey a confident first impression

Be in charge of your emotions

Perform under pressure with inner confidence, control, consistency

Reserve your spot today!


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Marilyn & Renee Norcross each have a 20+ year proven track record as mental game experts. Their clients execute winning performance under pressure. Their work in golf has changed the game forPGA tour, competitive golfers and business golfers. With a client list spanning from pro athletes, Olympians, Fortune 500 Company Leaders to Small Businesses. WinQuest’s leading-edge neuroscience based programs accelerate lasting and measurable results. Their mission is for you to Win your Quest.

Ready to Win?

Crush your comfort zone, control the conversation.
Position yourself for a higher level of performance with less stress.