WinQuest Winning PerformanceTM System

Your Sports Performance Solution

As an athlete, the biggest disappointment
is performing below your ability and potential when it matters most.

You put everything into preparation for the big competition, important game,
big opportunity, the new challenge, taking your game to the next level…

Are you certain you can deliver?

WinQuest Winning PerformanceTM System

Our Winning PerformanceTM system helps athletes reach their highest potential and deliver consistent performance under pressure. The system is founded upon the specific skills and mindset that WinQuest Co-Founder Marilyn Norcross used to quickly go from last place to first place in less than 1 year, winning the U.S. National championships as a competitive skater.

Marilyn later applied mental toughness, confidence and self-worth building techniques to triumph over a series of person life adversities. She then refined her techniques through years of coaching athletes at all levels.

Our unique experiential program teaches you practical “how-to” strategies to improve performance continually and unleash infinite potential.

This winning formula aligns the Mind-Emotions-Identity-Body-Science — often the missing ingredients.

Our clients are serious athletes committed to having higher performance on a more consistent basis. We help our clients win and get world-class results.

What We Do:

  • Mental and Emotional Inner Game Training

  • Body Awareness, Feel, Control and Instinctual Mastery

  • Competitive Performance Training

  • Remove Barriers to Enable Rapid Learning

  • Remove Barriers to Consistently Transferring

  • Train YOU to Access the POWER of Your Mind

WinQuest Performance has provided mental toughness, leadership and competitive performance training services for athletes, business leaders and performers since 1998.

Our athletic and performing arts clients include professional world champions, professional athletes, celebrity entertainers and Olympians.

WinQuest Performance Co-Founder Marilyn Norcross
WinQuest Performance Co-Founder Marilyn Norcross
Renee Norcross WinQuest
WinQuest Performance Co-Founder Renee Norcross

All WinQuest Winning PerformanceTM
private coaching packages include these services:

  • Winning PerformanceTM Mental Game Assessment (WPMGA)
  • Science Based Goal Setting Process
  • Customized Game Plan
  • Private 1-on-1 Training with a Mental Game Expert
  • Neuroscience-Based Measurable Tracking System
  • Pre-Performance Routines
  • Post-Performance Review and Routines
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Mark Wiebe PGA Champion Golfer

I won the first time playing the Champions Tour.

On the PGA Tour, elbow surgery caused me to lose my swing and my confidence. I worked with swing coaches and mental coaches with no solutions. Then I found Marilyn... Marilyn and I set the ultimate challenge; my quest was a big comeback.

Mark Wiebe
PGA Tour Professional

Renee got my mind right. On game days I am the instinctual and loose player I have ever been in the NFL.

She taught me mental toughness skills that were new concepts to me. Instead of just grinding it out, I learned how to deploy tactics on the field to combat anxiety, doubt and pain. I’m a better player and leader, more decisive, confident and focused...

Miles Burris - NFL Linebacker
Oakland Raiders

Miles Burris NFL Linebacker Oakland Raiders
Heather LeMaster, World Champion Long Drive & Guiness Book World Record Holder

Because of Marilyn, I am a World Champion. She gave me the mental edge I needed to win.

She taught me how to have levels of body awareness and control that I’ve never come close to feeling before. This measurably increased my power and consistency under pressure.

Marilyn quickly gets the best out of elite athletes. She made me a better athlete and a better person. I continue to learn and mature so much from her.

Before Marilyn: I was talented and although I appeared to be very confident and polished, it was a mask. I was on an emotional rollercoaster, had personal life distractions, lacked confidence and mental toughness in competition. She helped me uncover and rid the inner barriers, gave me the reigns to have all the right mental strategies necessary to win.

The work she does is just incredible; I am very blessed to have Marilyn as my mental trainer and mentor.

It’s a proven system, not hocus-pocus. I’ve become a confident leader. My overall professional appearance is now my authentic self on and off the golf course. And we accomplished ALL of this, via Skype and phone sessions.

-Heather LeMaster,
RE/Max World Champion Long Drive, Guiness Book World Record Long Drive 2016

Find out more. View our program details here or book a call with our team to discuss how we can work together.

Sports-specific training programs.

We work with all levels of athletes, in all sports, but we have a few sports-specific programs catering directly to the specific needs athletes in those sports have.


Before you win, you must win in your mind! Our program is uniquely tailored to the needs of the elite ballroom dancer. Book a call with our team to discuss your needs. Book a call with our team to discuss.


Before you win, you must win in your mind first! WinQuest reveals some mental strategies top golfers use to excel on the golf course and win tournaments! Click here to read more. Click here