“Aligning teams to the owners’ vision comes naturally to me. Let me make this easier for you.” –Renee Norcross

Renee Norcross

Expert in Generating High-Performance in Competitive Environments

For 20 years Renee Norcross has been specializing in building adaptable high performing company cultures, during change and under pressure. She is the co-founder and President of WinQuest Performance and speaker on the subject of “Aligning People, Process and Purpose to Drive Profitable Culture Change”.

Renee developed the Win Your Quest System™, which she has applied to Fortune 100 and mid-sized companies to drive leadership and team alignment to new heights.

Results include:

◆ 400% increase in top line revenues
◆ 60% decrease in conflict and mis-communication
◆ 30% drop in stress during high stakes and high-pressure conditions

Early in her career, Renee co-developed the Winning Performance System™ specifically designed for the mindset aspects of competitive performance in NFL, PGA, MLB and the Olympics. This system has built 6 world champions.

What sets Renee apart is her unique gift of quickly understanding and connecting with people, bringing extraordinary impact and value to her clients. For two decades she has focused on company cultures and perfected the process of identifying and resolving detrimental habits, patterns and the root causes of misalignment, change-resistance and under-performance. In today’s dynamic business environment her solutions to these issues are more urgent than ever.

◆ Executives and business owners face massive pressures and high stress as company leaders. This is compounded by competing priorities, divergent personalities, inter-team conflict, lack of buy-in, old school thinking, and resistance to change. Executive team and operational alignment are critical for sustainable business success.

◆ The drain of time and energy can distract even the most successful leaders from the top strategic initiatives, resulting in financial under-performance.

◆ If the people side isn’t challenging enough, add the complex competitive global market and the need for continual innovation to the business growth equation.

Renee can help. She has the unique ability to cut through the complexity, confusion and chaos of organizational dynamics and help you gain clear strategic direction with tools and techniques that facilitate and boost leadership capacity. Renee guides leaders and teams through a collaborative process that generates actionable solutions for each unique business environment.
Renee has a proven track record of inspiring sustainable, winning performance with measurable results. She facilitates a targeted alignment process that results in cultural transformation and increased business profitability. Renee partners with you, the leader to orchestrate:

◆ Efficient, highly effective execution of a clear vision and strategy
◆ Strong, confident, unwavering ability to navigate the waves of disruptive change
◆ Establishment of a trust-based, collaborative team environment that accesses and activates each person’s unique talents with the right people in the right seats
◆ Development of a culture that supports individuals and teams in feeling valued, inspired and emotionally connected to the organization
◆ Creation of a company that is equipped from the top-down to out-think, out-pace and out-perform your competitors, with the mindset, adaptability, innovation and resilience of elite performers

Renee’s mission is to position you and your organization to
Win Your Quest.

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