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Renee Norcross

Business Leadership and Strategic Development

For 19 years I have helped business owners make millions, athletes win, leaders impact more lives, and entertainers captivate audiences… they achieve their biggest goals, they Win their Quest.

Organizations, teams and individuals hire me primarily for 1 reason – to Win.
How? The competitive advantage of mindset, strategy, and consistent execution when it matters most, In the shortest time frame possible.
Clients we’ve partnered with to accelerate their winning include:
AT&T, General Motors, Pfizer, State Farm Insurance, RE/MAX, SAFEBuilt, Sonnenalp Hotel, Vail Resorts, Western Union
Pro Athletes in: NFL, MLB, PGA, NHL, Motocross
Olympic Athletes, 3 Olympic Training Centers
Celebrity Entertainers, International Choruses

Combining passion for business and sports, we developed a unique proprietary process, The Winning Performance System™ that ensures our clients are prepared to perform and execute consistently day-to-day, in stress and intense pressure in competitive environments.

Specializing in:
➢ Consistent Execution in Stress, Pressure and Competitive Environments
➢ Accelerating and Sustaining Growth
➢ Alignment of Teams
➢ Leadership
➢ Record Breaking Sales Performance

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Leadership Coach
Competitive Athlete
Keynote Speaker

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