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Inner Game Coach to Champions

Marilyn Norcross

Competitive Performance Expert

A 35 year proven track record for getting competitors to win under pressure, Marilyn is the Co-Founder of WinQuest Performance.

Her clients become world champions, Olympians, achieve lifetime dreams and execute personal and team bests on the biggest competitive stages. They Win their Quest.

Marilyn is a transformational thought leader, competitive performance expert and international speaker. Her clients include performers and leaders in: PGA, NFL, MLB, Olympics and Celebrity Entertainers.

She’s presented her programs at three Olympic Training Centers and sports organizations worldwide

Marilyn passionately continues to share her mission-driven message of Confidence to Win™ with industry leaders and athletes worldwide.

“I am my client. I’ve walked in your shoes and won.”

Marilyn’s Story

She had the talent, top instruction, work ethic and desire. Marilyn’s journey was to learn to perform consistently under pressure — and then bring that to the world.

At age 14, committed to end the disappointment of under-performing in her sport, Marilyn worked with a mental trainer and learned how to align her mind and body. Her destiny was clear. In less than 1 year, she went from last place to first place, U.S. National Gold Medalist skater.

Marilyn overcame family tragedy and the loss of both her parents at age 17. She has used the power of the mind to win, again and again, in the face of adversity.

Early in her career, Marilyn saw patterns in competitors – of what caused them to win or lose, which led to the development of her Winning Trifecta System.

In business partnership with her daughter Renee, WinQuest has refined those exact same mindset, top performance strategies and actionable skills to create the WinQuest Winning Performance SystemTM. The two have evolved that system through 20 years of coaching and applied research and development, infusing it with performance strategies from neuroscience.

Marilyn Golf with Koby

Marilyn has dedicated her life to teaching people how to win under pressure. Her foundation comes from the understanding that “being a competitive athlete saved my life.”

Her mantra is “Why not YOU win?”

Marilyn and her 7x U.S. National Champion and Hall of Fame husband built the industry-leading competitive club in the nation and left a legacy for others to follow.

Marilyn lives in Colorado happily in love with her lifelong husband.

Marilyn Norcross, Co-Founder WinQuest Performance
Leadership Coach
Competitive Athlete
Keynote Speaker

I won the first time playing the Champions Tour.

On the PGA Tour, elbow surgery caused me to lose my swing and my confidence. I worked with swing coaches and mental coaches with no solutions. Then I found Marilyn... Marilyn and I set the ultimate challenge; my quest was a big comeback.

Mark Wiebe
PGA Tour Professional

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